Frisco ISD proposes participation fee for sports

Frisco ISD is dealing with a $30 million budget shortfall by cutting staff, delaying four new schools and proposing a fee for student athletes to participate in sports.

The fee is the most controversial part of the plan.  Middle school students would be charged $100 to participate.  High school students would have to pay $200.

Frisco ISD deemed the changes necessary after voters rejected a proposed tax increase last year.  

"First of all, I say shame on the voters for not voting so we'd have money for the schools," said parent Robin Everly.  

Other parents worry that less-fortunate students would be excluded from sports simply because of their inability to pay.  The district's Chief Financial Officer said there would be a reduction in the fee or scholarships to allow kids to participate, who would be able to afford the proposed fee.

Frisco ISD continues to battle public perception about $30 million dollars it spent to lease the Star Complex from the Dallas Cowboys for games and practices -- the same amount of its budget shortfall over the next three years.  The district, however says that's an "apples to oranges" comparison, that one does not affect the other.

The final vote on the proposal is scheduled for June19.