FOX 46 Meteorologist Nick Kosir attempts 'Slide Like This Challenge' and nails it

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FOX 46 Charlotte

We know what you're thinking. Could a local Charlotte meteorologist really attempt and nail the 'Slide Like This Challenge'? Well folks, he did. 

FOX 46 Charlotte's Nick Kosir is known as the jokester, 'the drip chronicles guy', and enthusiastic dancer in the newsroom. App users click here.

Nick gained Instagram fame when he began his 'Drip Chronicles' journey in 2018, attempting to copy Panthers Cam Newton's unique style and fashion sense. 

His latest post attempting the 'Slide Like This Challenge' has gone viral with more than 385,000 views on Instagram and 8,000 comments. 

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton himself commented, saying "Can someone say viral him please? LOL! Love!"