Four arrests made in University Park shooting, robbery

Police arrested four people they say shot a man in his University Park home and robbed him.

Police say the suspects used the victim's credit cards. The victim is still in critical condition from the attack.

Four suspects are in custody, but there are a lot of unanswered questions in a neighborhood where armed robbery is almost unheard of.

Just after midnight on December 5 on McFarlin Boulevard, Neighbors called about shots fired. University Park police found a 40-year-old man just inside his front door shot twice. He was rushed to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where he remains in critical condition.

“He’s still in bad shape,” said University Park Police Officer Lita Snellgrove. “Our detectives have not talked to him, so we will be very interested to talk to him when he is able."

Four suspects are now in custody. Two of them were arrested December 12 at a motel in Trophy Club. The other two were picked up December 15 at another motel in North Dallas. At least three of the suspects have prior arrests.

Calvin Johnson's priors include multiple theft charges, larceny and burglary. Quintariah Alexander is another with multiple theft and burglary charges. Abdul Sesay has done jail time for at least three theft charges. Police say they were all captured largely because they used credit cards from the victim's stolen wallet.

"I've lived here for almost four years now and I've never heard of anything like that happening,” said neighbor Sullivan Tankersley.

"That night I was walking down the street, just barely missed it,” said neighbor Sam Dunkelberg. “Thank God. Yeah, really concerning."

The identity of the victim and the exact address of the assault are not being released.

Police seem certain the victim did not know his attackers but that he let them in the front door.

Neighbors expressed relief that arrests have been made, but a couple said the story doesn't quite add up.

“I've also heard that a wallet was stolen. So it seems to be quite aggressive for a supposedly theft,” said neighbor Helen Irizarry. “Obviously, there is a lot of students around here. So you do get the odd drunk college kid, but nothing on that level."

The four suspects were arrested for aggravated robbery. If the victim dies, those charges will be upgraded.