Fort Worth seeks outside advisement for leaked body cam investigation

Fort Worth city leaders voted to hire an outside attorney to advise them on how to handle the investigation into the leaked body cam video of a viral arrest.

The council voted Tuesday night to add an extra layer of legal support for the commission that has been asked to investigate who leaked the body camera video and personnel file of Officer William Martin.

The council approved the use of an outside law firm to advise the Civil Service Commission. Officer Martin asked it in January to investigate who leaked the body cam and personal information in his G-File that is protected under state law, which was later posted on social media.

The video showed the arrest in December of Jacqueline Craig and her daughters. Martin was later suspended for 10 days. Charges against Craig and her daughters were dropped.

But since the city was already looking into it, it had a conflict of interest, so it couldn't help the Civil Service Commission.

Jacqueline Craig was at the council meeting Tuesday with family members. She did not speak to the council, but others did speak on her behalf, criticizing the city for its handling of the case.

The Fort Worth Police Department is conducting its own investigation into who within the department may have leaked the body camera and personnel file, which has included questioning of several members of the command staff.