Fort Worth police looking for suspect who shot dog during robbery

Fort Worth police are asking the public for help finding a suspect who shot a dog during a robbery.

The dog, whose name was Peanut, was always by the clerk's side at the Fort Worth gas station. Police are trying to identify and find the gunman, who also stole the clerk's car.

Police say the robbery happened at a convenience store on North Main Street around 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

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(Courtesy: Fort Worth Police)


Shootout outside Fort Worth shopping center after hit-and-run leaves 1 dead

Martin Jimenez works nearby and is a regular customer. He and other regulars know her and the dog. He says the clerk turns on the gas pumps for him and his coworkers before they head to work.

"She interacts with everyone. Everyone knows her," Jimenez said. "Everyone has been asking where is she at, where is she at."

The video also shows the store clerk handing the gunman her purse. He took her car keys when he walked around the counter. The video shows him asking the victim which car is hers. 

Shootout outside Fort Worth shopping center after hit-and-run leaves 1 dead

Investigators say the gunman did not fire anymore shots after killing Peanut. 

"He was kind of unsure where he was or a car was," said Fort Worth Police Officer Tracy Carter. "And as you probably see in the video, and as he did that, he took the victim's car, taking the victim's car again and fled southbound on Main Street."

Witnesses say police found the woman’s car that same day. 

Carter says at this time they do not know if the man is connected to other robberies in the area. 

"We're exhausting all leads. If anyone knows anything, I have detectives that have been working pretty diligent in trying to find who this person is," Carter said. "Because we need to talk to him to get this person off the street."

Investigators are hoping because the man’s face is very visible on camera, someone will be able to identify him. 

"They're going to be brave enough to just carry a gun and just shoot it. Shoot a dog. Who else knows what they could do," Carter said. "That the video is pretty clear enough that somebody will recognize this person and at least they can turn themselves in or we can find out who they are and we can apprehend them."

Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Worth police at 817-392-4115.