Visitors, vendors deal with wet and chilly Sunday for Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

A wet and chilly Sunday was not the most ideal situation for people walking throughout the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival.

High temperatures on Saturday reached the 70s, but on Sunday, lows were in the 40s and highs were in the 50s.

"It dropped significantly. It got pretty cold," Phillip Harder said.

Harder tried to stay warm while wearing a cape.

"This is about the only warm thing I have today, so I’m making do," he said.

It’s the 36th annual Main Street Arts Festival, so organizers have experienced all sorts of weather.

"Some days are great. Some days are less than great," said John Gantt, volunteer manager for security.

This weekend’s drastic dip is causing the turnout to be less than expected.

"Got a little chiller at night. Now we’re here the next morning and it’s raining and it’s cold, but we’re still out here," said Maria Diss, with the Main Street Arts Festival.

Some are making the most of it.

"You just bundle up and prepare accordingly," Justin Light said.

"I have nothing else to do on this Sunday afternoon, so here we are," Emma Pate said.

"This wasn’t what we were expecting, especially since [Saturday] was almost perfect," Andy Pate added.

The live music was still loud and clear, and vendors were open for business.


Believe it or not, some enjoy this weather.

"It’s better than just being hot, sunny all the time," Kris Hansen said.

Some, but not most.

"Not this time of year," Lisa Bry said. "Nobody is going to want to come out here when it’s like this."

Temperatures are expected to gradually climb as we move throughout the week.

"It’s Texas, so wait five minutes, you never know what you’re going to get," Harder said.

For now, North Texans are stuck with an uncomfortable Sunday.

"This is wild," Harder added.

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