Fort Worth animal shelter over capacity again

The Fort Worth animal shelter is over capacity for the second time this summer. So in hopes of finding homes for the animals, the shelter has implemented a lower adoption fee for the month of July.

Fort Worth Animal Care and Control has room for about 700 dogs and cats. This summer, they're always full — mostly with dogs. They all need a home.

"Just because we get 70 dogs adopted, we still have 70 dogs that come in,” said Chris Lirette, the animal control supervisor. “So all these cages just because they go out will probably fill them again today."

Normally, the shelter takes in 30 animals a day. The number has more than doubled. The shelter says it's mostly because people don't spay or neuter their pets.

Adoption is the other solution.

Marcus Cleveland couldn't say no to Sasha.

"We already got three dogs we adopted from the Dallas shelter,” he explained. “So we came out here to this one to see what they had. And they had a whole lot of dogs."

Through July $17.76 is all an adoption will cost you instead of the usual $50. For that, your new pet gets spayed or neutered, required shots and a chip.

"They got to live just like we got to,” Cleveland said. “I love animals. That’s why we got so many. And we have two cats. We just adopted a cat from the Arlington shelter."

The special adoption fee lasts through the end of the month. It applies to all three of Fort Worth's adoption locations.