Former NICU patients at Plano hospital reunited with doctors, nurses who helped treat them

Doctors and families reunited on Saturday, years after spending time in the Medical City Plano NICU unit. 

One man returned almost 30 years later.

The Neonatal ICU cares for babies born prematurely or critically ill.

Tyler Dansand was a patient in the NICU when he was born two months early.

Dansand and his mother spent several weeks in the hospital, undergoing life-saving treatment.

The time actually inspired Dansand's mother to enter the medical field as a respiratory therapist.

During Saturday's visit, they thanked hospital staff and encouraged families with infants needing treatment.

“The NICU is a whole different world than the rest of the hospital, it's a very special place,” Judy Alred said. “It's not just the patient, it’s the whole family included in the care and success of coming out of the hospital.”

Other graduates who visited the hospital on Saturday were anywhere from a few months old, to college aged adults.