First responders rescue dog that fell 23 feet down storm drain

Firefighters rescue lab who fell down a drain. (Credit: Portland Fire and Rescue)

Portland firefighters kicked into action after a 14-year-old dog fell down a nearly 25-foot manhole.

First responders said the incident happened Thursday morning near the intersection of Southeast 9th Avenue and Lambert Street.

The lab, named Tess, fell down the hole after the cover was removed because city workers were inspecting storm drains. 

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The manhole was 23 feet deep.

"She just walked up expecting a treat and just went over the edge and disappeared," witness Larry Beutler told KGW. "So that was quite a shock."

Portland Fire and Rescue said first responders had to lower rescuers down the hole to rescue the dog. 

"Tess was safely extricated with no injuries," the department posted on its Facebook page. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.