Fan gets a picture with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after spotting him at a Prosper gas station

Even with a mask, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is pretty recognizable, and he was spotted while out and about at a Prosper gas station Tuesday afternoon.

Steven Daniel Dansby said he’s still in shock a day after running into Jones.

Dansby said was out driving around while his girlfriend was at a job interview, and stopped at 7-Eleven in Prosper to grab some chips.

He noticed the clerk was acting a big odd, and then the clerk told him, "That’s Jerry Jones behind you."

Dansby said he then turned around, noticed a man behind him, and said, "Mr. Jones?" and Jones responded, "How are you doing?"

The two then started to talk, and Dansby, who was sporting Kansas City Chiefs gear, told Jones that even though he was a Chiefs fan, all of his familiy are lifelong Cowboys fans.

They then discussed the Super Bowl, and Jones said he felt bad for Patrick Mahomes after the game.

Dansby then asked for a picture with Jones, which the clerk took. And before Dansby left, he said he got a, "Go Mean Green," from Jones after he noticed Dansby's UNT face mask.