East Dallas homeowner shoots intruder

An East Dallas homeowner shot the person who tried to break into his house Tuesday morning. 

Two masked intruders kicked down the back door at Kenrich Dickson’s home around 11 a.m.

The burglar door was unlocked, and Dickson was in a back bedroom. 

The suspects banged the back door so hard that the key frame broke off.

Dickson’s wife, Amy, sat frozen on the bed. Dickson grabbed his gun. 

“I was coming down the hallway from my bedroom,” said Dickson. “I noticed the guys standing here right outside my home. I stood right here, ‘cause this is the only way to get out. I shot one. His friend pushed him down to get out the door.” 

Amy didn't know who was hit.

“You couldn't really tell who was gonna pull the trigger,” she said. “I just heard a gunshot. I thought, ‘Is he OK? I’m scared to move ‘cause if there's someone in here…I don't wanna move.”

The suspects ran out to a waiting car in the alley.

Police say one suspect was taken to a nearby hospital, and they’re looking for at least one other suspect.

The homeowner, his wife and their 8-month-old son who was also inside at the time weren’t injured.