Drink smart to have a happy New Year

New Year’s Eve parties are fun, but drinking irresponsibly can have you starting off 2018 on the wrong foot. Here’s some friendly drinking advice for the biggest party of the year. 

Have a designated driver, or order a cab, Lyft, or Uber to get you where you need to go before, during, and after drinking. The Huffington Post reports almost half of all accidents on New Years Eve and New Years Day are due to drunk driving. 

Have yourself a good meal before you start drinking, and continue to snack. While any food will help slow the absorption of alcohol into the digestive tract, foods high in protein such as meat, cheese and nuts are the best for you. 

Pace yourself. It might sound like a lofty goal, but aim to drink one drink per hour.

Need a little help? Order a drink on the rocks. The ice will dilute the alcohol and it will last longer. 

While we’re talking about that high quality H2O, consider having a glass of water in between drinks -- You’ll be more hydrated, AND less drunk. 

Never leave your drink unattended. An abandoned drink could invite foul play, so be sure to get a new one If you take your eyes off it.

Pick a drink and stick with it. Mixing it up will lead to a mixed up stomach and a nasty hangover. You should also be mindful of carbonated mixers. Alcohol enters the bloodstream a lot faster with a bubbly beverage. 

Speaking of bubbles -- Champagne can help celebrate, but it can also send you to the emergency room. A popped cork can travel up to 50mph, so make sure you’re pointing the bottle in a safe direction. Do your best to keep it chilled at 45 degrees. It’s the ideal temperature to avoid any spontaneous popping accidents.

Watch the video to ensure you have a safe, fun, and happy New Year!