Donald Trump Jr., Sen. Ted Cruz & demonstrators in Downtown Dallas for Reagan Day

A fundraising dinner hosted by the Dallas County Republican Party was met by some protesters, Saturday evening. About one-hundred people gathered outside the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas to hold signs and chant.

Reagan Day is said to be the biggest day of fundraising for the Republican Party each year. Saturday night’s event started with a joke about Hillary Clinton and celebration over a Republican victory with President Donald Trump in the White House.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick introduced Donald Trump Jr., commending Governor Greg Abbott on sanctuary city legislation, and President Trump on immigration reform.

Donald Trump Jr. then took the stage to a standing ovation. He began by saying that Texas raised more money for his father's campaign than both California and New York. He said he calls himself an "honorary Texan", and thanked Republicans for their support. The president’s son also said business deals are exciting, but he misses the intensity of working on his dad’s campaign and being involved in politics.

"Someone who is a politician now is actually doing what he said he was gonna do!” said Trump Jr. "I want to make sure my kids grow up in the same America that our kids grew up in. I want to make sure they have those same opportunities, same freedoms. That's so important to me.”

U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz also took the stage proclaiming, “This election was a mandate for change. A mandate to change the path we're on.”

Cruz told the audience to ignore the noise and chirps from the media and focus on substance, and the fact that this is the most conservative cabinet in decades, with two Texans, Rex Tillerson and Rick Perry.

He also praised the executive orders President Trump has signed, saying "change is in the air, and it's powerful."

The Dallas County Republican Party was in debt last year. The organization says this year was its most successful Reagan Day Dinner ever, raising half-a-million dollars.