DFW Airport trying out 'Fast Pass' that allows passengers to bypass TSA security line

DFW International Airport has started allowing its passengers to use a security fast pass for TSA lines at one of its checkpoints.

The DFW Security Fast Pass pilot program started earlier this month, and allows passengers to make an appointment at least seven days before their flight and "bypass the line" for TSA general screening.

The service is free and only available at Terminal D checkpoint D18 at this time.

"DFW’s innovative pilot program is designed to ensure seamless travel through the airport and empowers air travelers with more predictability on how much time it will take to get through the security checkpoint," according to a release about the program.

People who use the fast pass are also given a $5 voucher for food or other retail stores at the airport.

DFW Airport does post the wait times at its security checkpoints online.

This is different from the TSA PreCheck program, which costs $85 for five years and allows passengers to skip some security checks after passing a background check.

Click here for more information on the fast pass.