Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg visits North Texas

Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg visited North Texas today, just 24 hours after rival Andrew Yang’s rally. The Texas Democrats hosted the late addition candidate at Collin College in Plano. Bloomberg called Texas the biggest battleground state, and said he hopes to win its 38 electoral votes.

Former New York City Mayor took a number of shots at President Donald Trump

“If ever there was someone who was all hat and not cattle its Donald Trump. How unethical can you be? You just can’t make this up,” said Bloomberg. “I didn’t play a CEO on reality T.V. I actually worked as one.”

The Billionaire, and one of the World’s Richest men, formally launched his campaign two weeks ago and joins a crowd of more than a dozen Democrats.

A handful of curious voters attended the quarterly State Democratic Executive Committee meeting to get a feel for the candidate.

“I’m still researching and trying to figure out which one is which,” said Cecelia Nowlin.

“I’m working for my grandchildren. I’m working for climate change and their education,” said Michael Miller.

Bloomberg claims he will not spare a penny to defeat Donald Trump in Texas.

The billionaire spent $40 million on his initial advertising campaign. He is putting tens of millions more into a new ad casting himself as uniquely qualified to defeat President Trump.

“Last Presidential election we were a single-digit state within nine points but we narrowed that margin to 2.5 points in a mid-term election which is usually harder for Democrats,” said Texas Democrats representative Cliff Walker.

Bloomberg said “Now they say that everything in Texas is bigger than anything else but I will just note that the Republican share of the vote keeps shrinking.”