Demarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford surprise children with bikes

Several Cowboys spent their day off giving back.

Two of the fiercest members of the defense helped brighten Christmas for dozens of children from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas.

Defensive lineman Demarcus Lawrence and Tyrone Crawford helped outfit the kids with new rides.

It was awesome overload for 100 kids with a new bike, a new helmet and a chance to meet Lawrence and Crawford.

The kids earned the honor with good grades, good behavior and good attendance.

“After a win like last night, to be able to come out here the kids know so much about football,” Lawrence said. “They're excited to see us plus they're receiving bikes."

“I know my mom was always thinking about Christmas pretty early. How she was going to get us certain things and so forth,” Crawford said. “Academy to do what they did today is definitely a big blessing for the parents and these kids."

For some, the gift was a first. For Lawrence and Crawford, who were buddies at Boise State University, it meant passing on an opportunity that was once passed on to them.

"Our Boise days, we didn't have no transportation,” Lawrence said. “So once we got bikes for our bowl gifts, that was our way back and forth to school."

The smiles from the kids were big. The gratitude from their parents was even bigger.