DART’s redrawn bus routes and updated service plan to begin next year

Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s new bus plan will start next year.

For the past year, DART has been working on a plan to update its bus routes. Some of them date back to World War II.

The transportation agency started with a clean slate and collaborated with stakeholders and members of the public to decide where the buses should go and how frequently they should run.

For example, there are many routes servicing Downtown Dallas but newer shopping and dining hot spots are now far outside of the city’s center. There are also some routes that are overcrowded.

The new DartZoom plan completely redesigns the DART bus network in all 13 of the cities that fund DART through sales taxes. 

It includes expanded coverage, greater frequency of buses, more direct routes and longer service hours in North Texas.

Other changes include 13 additional Go Link zones that provide shuttle services to work or other DART services.

The plan goes into effect on Jan. 24. For more information, visit www.dartzoom.org