Dallas Zoo Dollar Days: Things to know

The Dallas Zoo is hosting one of its most popular days of the year on Thursday!

Here's what you should know before you head to the zoo.

What is Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo? 

The Dallas Zoo Dollar Days is when the zoo has multiple days throughout the year when admission only cost one dollar. 

This is an annual event that includes discounts on food and drinks as well. Guests can experience the zoo as usual plus attractions like Destination Dinosaurs, the virtual reality experience Gorilla Trek, bird and giraffe feedings and more. 


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When are the 2023 Dollar Days at the Dallas Zoo?

The first dollar day is Thursday, July 13. The zoo will open at 8:30 AM and close at 5:30 PM. The second day will be August 8.

What time does the zoo open?

The Dallas Zoo will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday

Gates to the zoo's parking lot open at 7 a.m.

Where do I buy tickets?

Guests are required to purchase their tickets online. Tickets will not be sold on-site. 

Tickets are sold out for Thursday, July 13 but some are still available for August 8.

How do I get to Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo?

The Dallas Zoo suggests that guests use a ride service to bring them to the event. Parking will be limited due to the high volume of people. 

The DART Red Line travels directly to the Zoo's entrance. 

If you do decide to drive, parking at the zoo is 10 dollars and must be bought at the admission booth when you enter the zoo.


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Why does Dallas Zoo do Dollar Days?

The Dallas Zoo said the purpose of this annual event is to celebrate and recognize the community's support for the zoo through the year. It also said the Dollar Days ensure the zoo's accessibility to all as they work to stay one of the Metroplex's most cost-efficient experiences.

How do I stay safe from the heat?

The Dallas Zoo is opening at 8:30 on Thursday to avoid some of the heat. Additional mist stations and fans have been placed at the zoo and all indoor areas with air conditioning will have Reliant "Retreat from the Heat" sticker.

They also recommend brining a refillable water bottle and sunscreen.