Dallas firefighters rescue person trapped under DART train

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Dallas Fire-Rescue helped free a man who either fell or was pushed onto the tracks in front of a DART train.

It happened during rush hour Monday evening at the Morrell DART Station in East Oak Cliff. Firefighters had to use the jaws of life to lift the train enough to free the man. He was then taken to the hospital in an unknown condition.

Witnesses said the victim appeared to be a teenager or young man who was in a group and pushed by another teen.

DART police said he was hit by the northbound Blue line, though according to witness accounts he was pushed onto the tracks and pinned while the train was in the station.

One woman, who did not want her face shown or name used, said she saw it all unfold.

“I was at the train station about to catch the train when this man got pushed in front of the train,” she recalled. “And all I heard was, ‘Help me! Help me!’ So I went to the train conductor and was like, ‘I think you got somebody under your train.’”

The woman said the train doors had just closed and it was not moving when the man got trapped under it. But then the train rolled a bit before coming to a stop again.

The witnesses said the teens who pushed the young man laughed and ran off.

DART police have not yet determined if the incident will be classified as a criminal investigation or an accident.

The station does have surveillance cameras but it is unclear if anything was recorded or if DART will release the video.

Trains resumed normal operation about an hour after the incident.