Dallas could vote on $1.25B bond package with funding for city streets

The Dallas City Council wants voters to approve a bond package worth more than $1 billion. The money would go towards numerous improvements across the city.

The bond election would be a way for the city to acquire the money to address a number of pressing needs, most prominently the condition of city streets.

It’s something people living and visiting Dallas often complain about.

So, on Wednesday morning, Dallas council members will discuss how funds from what could be a $1.25 billion bond measure will be divided up.

The exact amount has yet to be finalized.

But some council members have expressed support for $500 million for street maintenance, $250 to $300 million for parks and recreation, and tens of millions more for both public safety and cultural arts facilities.
There would also be a substantial sum to help address the city’s housing shortage.


Dallas city councilman suggests dropping parking requirement for businesses

It's a move that sounds drastic if approved by the Dallas City Council; businesses, apartment complexes and home developers would no longer be required by the city to also build parking. But one councilman says that doesn't necessarily mean your parking headaches will get worse.

The proposed bond measure would be the fourth for Dallas since 2006.

The previous ones all received voter approval.

The tentative election date for this latest bond measure would be Saturday, May 4.