Dallas Animal Services expects surge in pets in need of shelter. It is already over capacity.

Fourth of July fireworks are fun for humans, but can be scary for cats and dogs.

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) expects a surge of pets at its shelters as the animals try to run away from the loud sounds.

DAS is asking for the public to help by adopting to make room for the new animals.

"It’s very scary if you’re a dog, and you have no idea what these loud booms are it kind of sounds like the world is ending," said Dallas Animal Services spokesperson Amanda Atwell. 

Atwell says many pets end up escaping from their yards or running off because of the loud noises.

She recommends that owners not bring their pets to fireworks shows.

"Leave them inside a locked house. Give them things to kind of distract them from the noises. Kong toys with peanut butter in them is always good. Puzzles with treats," said Atwell.

DAS generally has 300 kennels. There are currently over 400 dogs in their care.

The shelter has been hovering around 140% capacity for about 2 weeks.

Last year, the shelter saw more than 100 new animals from off the streets on July 4th and 5th.

 Regardless of how much we try to preach beforehand please keep your dog safe and do not bring them to the show, dogs still do get loose, and they end up in our shelter," Atwell said.

The shelter is pushing adoptions and fosters to achieve a 90 percent released rate.


Dallas Animal Services crippled by city ransomware attack

Due to technical issues caused by the attack, Dallas Animal Services is urging the public to not surrender any animals right now unless it is an emergency. The assistant director says they need time to get a new paper system up and running.

While the FOX 4 crew was at the shelter the Vargas family adopted a new furry friend.

"We got a dog. It’s a little baby girl. I think just 4 months," said Clarissa Vargas. 

 All pets are free to adopt right now and come spayed, neutered and microchipped.

"We plan on keeping her inside usually inside muffled it a lot of the sound. We’ll see how she does right now," said Vargas. 

If you choose to adopt now you'll get a voucher for your first vet visit.

To learn more about adopting or fostering click here.