Cowboys great Drew Pearson honored by the Texas Legislature

The Texas Legislature honored Dallas Cowboys' great Drew Pearson. He’s been working to educate Texans about COVID-19 vaccines.

Pearson is part of a nationwide effort to ensure access to vaccines.

He is also trying to convince hesitant people that the shots are safe and effective.

"In many instances when we needed a Hail Mary in a community, who do we go to? Drew Pearson. When we needed a Hail Mary when it relates to making sure the seas are calmed as it relates to racial issues, who do we go to? Drew Pearson. And as it relates to the issues that we’ve been dealing with in terms of COVID, who are we going to again? Number 88," said State Sen. Royce West from Dallas.

Pearson, who is now 70 years old, will be joining the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this year.

He played wide receiver for the Cowboys from 1973 to 1983.