Councilmember facing felony charge meets with constituents, bans media cameras

About 30 people in Dallas City Councilmember Kevin Felder's district turned out to hear his side of an alleged hit-and-run accident investigation.

Felder said he was holding an informational meeting for his constituents Friday afternoon. But, as usual, he avoided reporters.

Felder is currently free on a personal recognizance bond after he was arrested and charged with accident involving injury, which is a third-degree felony.

Councilman Felder finally gave his side of the story, but he wouldn't do it on camera. Felder made the statements inside a church during a reelection event. His attorney did most of the talking.

Felder avoided the media as he walked inside Stronghold Christian Church in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas. He held an "informational meeting" with his constituents to discuss his arrest for allegedly hitting an 18-year-old man on a scooter with his car back on February 13 and then leaving the scene. Police still have the Ford Fusion in their custody that was seized that day.

Reporters were allowed inside Friday’s meeting. However, they were not allowed to bring cameras inside the church hosting the event.

“This is about reaching out to voters and answer any specific questions they might have about what they've heard in all the press reports,” said attorney Pete Schulte, who is representing Felder.

“Speaking of that, all we've wanted if for Councilman Felder to tell us what happened that day,” said FOX 4 Reporter Alex Boyer. “So if he's willing to talk to his constituents, why not talk to us?

“Because you guys will put it all the news media. Put it all over Facebook. Put it all over Twitter,” Schulte said. “And we’re really trying to really limit it being tried in the media.”

Inside, Felder told the audience of about 30 that he's "totally innocent." Felder says he and the 18-year-old exchanged words on Malcom X after he saw the young man driving the scooter recklessly. But he maintains he never hit the rider.

Felder added that he drove off after the scooter rider became agitated and began looking through his bag. He did not address the damage on the front passenger side of his car, but his attorney told group it was "pre-existing."

Felder told the audience he was there to answer all of their written questions that had to be submitted beforehand. But Felder then stood to the side while his defense attorney answered them for him.

FOX 4 spoke to people on their way out of the meeting. Some weren’t happy with the way the questions were handled.

“His lawyer talked the whole time. He took all of the questions all of that,” said Claudia Fowler. “So if this is going to be his information session, why was he not talking?”

“The truth is going to come out whatever happened,” said Donald Payton. “And we just hope that justice prevailed.”

“Until it’s over with, I can't make any decisions,” said Beverly Scott. “I can’t analyze this like this.”

Schulte says the next step is preparing the case to go before a grand jury.