Community Kitchen providing 200 meals per day in Downtown Dallas

An amazing effort to provide meals to restaurant workers and others who are out of a job during the pandemic starts Monday.

It’s hard to think of an industry that has taken a bigger hit because of the coronavirus than restaurants and bars.

That’s why starting Monday afternoon, restaurant workers who’ve lost their job can get a free meal through the Community Kitchen.

DRG Concepts, which includes restaurants like Chop House Burger and Wild Salsa, is leading the effort.

The restaurant group is partnering with a program called 7740 Dallas, which has been delivering meals to front line health care workers.

“The industry has been decimated with COVID-19. And so the restaurant industry, in particular, the hospitality, travel. We rely on so many of these people in our downtowns which are not here so the restaurants are going out of business and there are people in need, in great need. And so we want to support that community,” said Jacob Tindall, the 7740 Dallas founder.

The plan is to provide 200 free meals every day or 1,400 meals a week for pickup at Chop House Burger in Downtown Dallas.

As far as vetting for each food recipient, they’re going to rely on the honor system.

They’ll try to prevent anyone from abusing the system but will also be offering food to anyone who walks up and says they’re unemployed.

The whole effort is funded through donations.