CES 2021: Samsung shows off robot, new TVs

It’s usually miles and miles of showrooms and exhibits, but this year the Consumer Electronics Show is completely virtual.

While most of the world spent much of 2020 in a "new normal," the folks at Samsung were working hard to launch what they're calling "a better normal."

Samsung unveiled its new JetBot 90 AI+. It’s a camera-equipped cleaning robot that is smart enough to clean up without getting caught up on obstacles.

Other showstoppers included a four-door bespoke flex fridge that allows you to change colors and configurations, so it grows with your family. It includes a beverage center with a filtered water pitcher that stays ready and full. It will be available this spring.

For those focused on family, a fridge will suggest recipes by sensing the ingredients you already have, shop for and schedule delivery of food based on a new family meal, show you a live cooking class to execute it and then set your oven to cook it. 

In home theater, Samsung adding to its already impressive design solutions -- like the frame which will become thinner in 2021 and the Sero bringing both portrait and landscape displays in a single unit.

Now they're taking things outdoors with the new weather resistant Terrace and the Premier, a short throw projector with a picture of up to 130 inches and a brand new 110-inch micro LED. It has a quad view that could allow you to split your screen four ways.

Samsung also concentrating on sustainability, with packaging that can be upcycled into furniture and a TV remote made from recycled plastic which uses ambient room light to recharge itself.