Car plows into Arlington family's home

A family in Arlington had a close call when car came crashing through their house Friday morning.

Police said the driver of a BMW was speeding and lost control on Southeast Parkway. The car went through a school ground and a fence before hitting a house all the way into the living room and kitchen.

Francisco Caracheo lived at the home with his with wife and their kids and grandkids. Everybody was upstairs when the accident happened.

Caracheo said his routine after work is to relax and watch tv in the living room. He believes seconds saved his life.

“Three seconds takes me to go from my bedroom to my spot in the living room,” he said.

Arlington police say the driver of the BMW was treated for minor injuries and arrested for DWI.

The family will not be able to live in the house until it is fixed. They were leaving on a family vacation this weekend but instead will use the time to find a place to stay. They plan to stay a hotel temporarily.