Bull returned to owner after getting loose in Denton

Courtesy: Katie Cox

A bull was on the loose for several hours in Denton Saturday night, before being returned to its owner.

Police said they started getting calls just before 9 p.m. about a cow walking along Malone Street.

It turned out to be a bull that had gotten away from his owners.

Denton Animal Services and the Denton County Sheriff’s Office were called to help police get the bull back into a cattle trailer.


Loose cattle cause highway closure in Midlothian

Crews had to temporarily shut down a portion of Hwy 67 in Midlothian Sunday due to cattle getting loose on the roadway.

The bull was "very agitated," and not helpful with attempts to get him in the trailer, police said.

The sheriff’s office got a veterinarian to come out, who then used a tranquilizer dart on the bull.

The bull was loaded in the trailer near Panhandle Street and Malone Street and returned to its owner.