Barbie's pink flip phone will be coming to stores near you

A promotional image of the Barbie flip phone. (Photo courtesy of HMD/Mattel)

Fans of the "Barbie" movie can soon get their hands on a new flip phone inspired by the beloved toy brand. 

Human Mobile Devices (HMD), the makers of Nokia-branded phones since 2016, is launching the Barbie flip phone this summer in partnership with toy maker Mattel.

The phone will also offer consumers an alternative device to the popular smartphone. 

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HMD shared news of the new phone during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, one of the biggest trade shows in the mobile tech industry.

And if you are curious about what the new phone looks like, HMD has not released images except for blurry teaser photos on the social media platform X with the caption, "You don’t know what we’re doing this summer."

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Tech Radar reports that HMD's plans to make the device could be in response to a current trend of Gen Z and millennials scaling back on their screen time.

Last year, Mattel released a line of dolls inspired by the "Barbie" movie.

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.