Arlington GM workers relieved factory isn't on closure list

General Motors workers in Arlington breathed a sigh of relief Monday when their plant was left off a list of potential closures.

Five plants in the U.S. and Canada could be closed while thousands of white-collar workers could also lose their jobs. More than 6,000 factory workers could lose their jobs, but some could wind up transferring to other factories like the one in Arlington.

GM workers in Arlington expressing a variety of feelings in wake of Monday’s announcement -- among them relief, compassion and a degree of concern being in the clear for the moment. The Arlington GM plant churns out the company’s top selling SUVs, like the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban and Cadillac Escalade.

Some workers said they feel for the 14,000 potentially affected GM workers across North America.

"I understand what they're going through. I’m definitely glad we're not getting cuts. I've got kids, a wife and family. So I do feel sorry for the people but I’m fortunate to still have my job,” said worker Lewis Roberts.

Some 4000 permanent and temporary workers at the Arlington plant belong to UAW Local 276. The union's top concern now is if affected workers transfer in to Arlington and what that could mean for those who have less seniority.

Factories that could be closed include assembly plants in Detroit and Oshawa, Ontario, and Lordstown, Ohio, as well as transmission plants in Warren, Michigan, and near Baltimore.  GM will stop producing cars and transmissions at those plants through 2019. In all, six car models were scrapped, leaving the company with nine remaining car models.