Alligator fights back, knocking down trapper

An alligator roaming through a central Florida neighborhood head-butted a trapper, knocking him out cold in a last-ditch effort to escape.

The incident which was caught on video caused quite a disturbance Tuesday along a residential street in Ocoee, which is near Orlando.

"It was pretty crazy!  I didn't know what to do," said Jack Redding, who decided to record the incident on his cell phone and then post it on social media. "My video on YouTube got a lot of views, and I like getting a lot of views!"

The video shows a Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper putting the 8-foot (2-meter) gator in the back of a truck. The feisty, tied-up alligator lashed out and head-butted the trapper. The trapper fell to the ground as police and another trapper worked to get the gator back inside the truck.

Neighbors say the alligator was walking through front yards before trappers arrived.  The trapper is okay, and the alligator was eventually taken away.