Afghan translator, family ready for new life in Dallas

An Afghan who worked with the U.S. government for years is out and ready to start a new life in Dallas.

Mohammad Afzal Afzali worked with the Americans as a translator. Friends and family who already live in North Texas went to the airport to greet him with signs and balloons on Sunday.

Afzali and his family were at the Kabul airport back in August when a suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. service member and dozens of Afghans.

Later, Afzali, his wife, and their two children arrived at Fort Bliss near El Paso after they evacuated Afghanistan days after the explosion. They've been at Fort Bliss for the past seven weeks and they are happy to be in North Texas.

"Hopefully we'll be settled and I will be on my own feet and support my family, my wife and three children, and also my parents and brother are still in Afghanistan, hopefully I will be able to financially support them as well," Afzali said.

Back in September he posted a video to Facebook detailing the struggles he and his family faced in Afghanistan.

He has received help getting to the U.S. from dozens of Americans including politicians.

Afzali still hopes to get his remaining family out of Afghanistan and bring them to the U.S.