Habitual offender freed on $1 bond back behind bars, allegedly violated bond conditions

"I have never seen that before," said Defense Attorney Emily Detoto. "When you first told me about it I thought you were joking."

A lot of defense attorneys would probably like to have 232nd Criminal District Court Judge Josh Hill grant their clients $1 bonds.

By law, Hill couldn't give 43-year-old Aubrey Taylor a PR, or personal recognizance bond, because he's charged with violent offenses.

So Hill did the next best thing.

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"Part of that decision was Senate Bill 6 does not permit personal recognizance bonds or personal bonds in these type of cases," Hill said during a hearing Wednesday.

Taylor, a habitual offender with a lengthy rap sheet, is charged with aggravated kidnapping and assault of a family member by impeding breathing.

Taylor's attorney told Hill the woman involved isn't credible and Taylor is the true victim.

"He is extremely afraid of her and he knows she knows where he lives that's a concern for him and his own safety," the defense attorney told the court.

"We feel he's a danger to the victim and now the community at large," the prosecutor told Judge Hill.

Taylor apparently didn't follow his end of the judge's incredible dollar store bargain.

"I revised a violation notice that Me Taylor was not in compliance with the house arrest component of his bond conditions," he said from the bench.

That's why this hearing was held.

The state accuses Taylor of not following the house arrest conditions of his bond.

READ MORE STORIES IN CRIME AND PUBLIC SAFETY"The presumption of innocence was already given when this defendant was given a one-dollar bond and decided in 3 days not to abide by any of the bond conditions," said the prosecutor. "And he's been out and about in the community since then."

Taylor will remain in jail until next Wednesday when Hill will hold a bond revocation hearing.

The judge will decide if Taylor stays behind bars or is granted another bond.