10 crosses created to remember the lives lost at Santa Fe High School

In remembrance of the lives lost at Santa Fe High School on May 18, Greg Zanis of Crosses for Losses created 10 crosses for each one of the victims.  Zanis is from the Chicago area and decided that this was the thing that was what he could do to honor their lives. "This is not an easy thing for us to do." He mentioned that he had to create the crosses for the Sutherland Springs shooting, and he's devastated by so many shootings.

"So many, I can’t even keep track of them.  This stuff is not supposed to be happening like this."  Zanis said he’s made thousands in the last several years. He tries to deliver them after every mass shooting. He calls it crosses for loss

Ten people were killed in the shooting including teacher Glenda Perkins, substitute teacher, Cynthia Tisdale and the following students--Kimberly Vaughn, Shana Fisher, Angelique Ramirez, Christian Riley Garcia,  Jared Black,  Sabika Sheikh, Christopher Jake Stone,  Aaron Kyle McLeod