Students give Special Olympic athletes a big show of support

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It’s go time for a group of Special Olympics athletes in east Dallas. Their fellow students at Hexter Elementary School gave them an enthusiastic show of support Thursday morning.

Cheering students lined the school’s hallway. They held up signs and handed out high-fives as the young athletes walked to prepare for their first track and field meet of the season.

For many of the athletes, this is their first year on the team. The sendoff helped remind them that their school is supporting them along the way.

“It’s just such a special day to honor our Special Olympians, our Special Olympic athletes from Hexter. And it’s a way to really show how special our school is. Hexter has such great support for all of our athletes all year long and this is just one day that you can really see and showcase how wonderful our school really is,” said Heidi Zeko, their special education teacher and coach.

Zeko said participating in sports helps give the students more confidence in and out of the classroom.

The team’s first meet is next month.