Rob Lowe hosts 'Mental Samurai' on FOX

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"Mental Samurai" is a new FOX game show from the creators of "American Ninja Warrior."

It features 12 simple questions, five minutes and a capsule that can rotate 360 degrees. Contestants must answer rapid-fire questions in categories of knowledge, memory, puzzles and sequencing all while being physically transported around the set at high speeds.

Host and producer Rob Lowe said it's like a rollercoaster for the mind. He talked to Good Day about what fans can expect.

"There has to be some physical component to it to make it a course. It can't just be Jeopardy or Trivia. So it's not enough to have your puzzles, your history, your sequence, your memory. You have to be able to withstand the centrifugal force as well and it is unbelievably challenging and fun," he said.

The new competition with a spin premieres Tuesday night at 8 p.m., right after Masterchef Junior on FOX 4.