Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

Bartaco culinary director Jonathan Rohland stops by Good Day to share a different take on tacos. Bartaco just opened its first Texas location in Westbend in Fort Worth. They serve tacos, salads, rice bowls and seasonal specials with fresh ingredients and bold flavors inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay and Southern California.

Arugula and Corn Salad

½ cup Roasted Tomato Dressing, (recipe below)
2 ¼ Cups Roasted Corn, cut off the cobb, roughly 4 ears
1 ¾ cups Halved Medley of Cherry Tomatoes
6 cups Arugula
3 ounces Cotija Crisps, (recipe below)
½ cup Ancho Crusted Pepitas, (recipe Below)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Ladle dressing into large size mixing bowl. Add half of the cotija crisps and all remaining ingredients except for pepitas; toss well.

Season with kosher salt and pepper to taste. Serve in chilled bowls and salad pile; garnish remaining cotija crisps and wide pepitas

Roasted Tomato Dressing

½ lb Roma Tomatoes
washed, halved
2 tbs Sherry Vinegar
3 tbs Balsamic Vinegar
½ tbs Dijon Mustard , Gray Poupon
1 sprig Fresh Thyme , stems removed, leaves only
1 Shallots , peeled, small diced, Ⅴ "x ∪"
3 tbs Olive Oil
½ cup Oil Oil

Wash tomatoes and slice in half. Place the tomatoes on a lightly oiled lined sheet pan into a 400F preheated oven and roast for (25) minutes until the outer skin of the tomato is lightly charred. Allow to cool completely. 

Place all ingredients except for the oil in a blender. Start on the lowest speed setting and increase gradually until you are on the highest setting. Then slowly add the oil in a fine steady stream. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed. Place in the refrigerator and keep an airtight container up to one week. 

Grilled Corn

4 ears Yellow Corn

Remove husks and silk from corn. If you find any irregular pieces, break them off and discard.

Cook corn on a medium-high grill, rotating regularly, until lightly charred. 

Let cool, then cut kernels from the cob and transfer to a bowl till use. 

Cojita Crisps

6 oz. Grated Cotija Cheese

Place cotija cheese in the food processor and pulse to break up any clumps of cheese. 

Spread the cheese lightly and evenly on a sheet pan lined with a silt pat. Place in a 300F oven for 30-35 minutes, or until golden brown. NOTE: if you do not bake long enough the cheese will not be crispy. 

Break up cheese crisps into 2 "pieces. Store at room temperature in a on tight container. 

Seasoned Pepitas

⅓ tsp Kosher Salt
⅔ tsp Ancho Powder
½ cup Pepitas, raw

Combine kosher salt, width pepper and pumpkins seeds in a small bowl; mix well to combine.

Bake pumpkin seeds on a sheet pan at 400 ° F for 4 minutes or until lightly brown. Transfer to plate to cool. Store in a air tight container until needed.

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

18 (4 ") White Corn Tortilla
1-1 / 2 lbs Roasted Cauliflower (recipe below)
4 cups Piquillo Romesco (recipe below)
1 Small White Onion, hand diced ¼ "x ¼" 
Bunch of Cilantro Garnish, no stems
2-3 lime, cut into wedges for juice of limes on tacos

To serve, warm tortillas in a pan with some light oil. You can stoe in a clean cloth towel to keep warm. 

Place cauliflower on a warm tortillas. Top with 2 tbs piquillo romesco, garnish with diced onion & fresh cilantro and serve with fresh lime wedges. 


¾ cup Almonds, blanched and peeled
2 cups Piquillo Peppers, rinsed, drained and dried
½ cup Chipotles in Adobe Sauce
6 Garlic Cloves
⅓ cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 
¾ tsp Kosher Salt
Pinch of Hot Pimenton 

Spread almonds out on a sheet pan and place in 350 ° F oven, fan on, until  honey-brown and fragrant. Remove from oven and let cool.

Once almonds are cool, in a small mixing bowl combine with the remaining romance ingredients; mix well

Place mixture into a food processor fitted with a metal blade attachment. Press mix in a food processor to get a course texture, do not puree. Romesco should have texture and bits of almonds still visible & "crunchy". If serving immediately keep out at room temperature. Can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator up to 2-3 days. Pull out a couple of hours to allow to come to room temperature before using on tacos. 

Roasted Cauliflower

Canola Oil
3 lb. Cauliflower Florets, from about 2 heads
2¼ tsp Kosher Salt

Place cauliflower florets in a mixing bowl and toss with salt and oil. Evenly place on a unlined sheet pan and place in pre-heated 350F oven for about 15-20 minutes. Remove, stir, and place back in the oven for an additional 10-15 minutes, or until the cauliflower is evenly roasted and slightly caramelized. Allow to cool slightly but keep warm.