Pasta with Lobster and Cherry Tomatoes

Chef Michele Scarpa from Dolce Riviera in Dallas' Harwood District stops by Good Day to make a pasta dish with lobster and cherry tomatoes.

Paccheri All'Astice

1 Cup Homemade Paccheri Pasta
¼ Cup of Chopped Lobster Tail and Lobster Claw 
¼ Cup Halved Fresh Cherry Tomatoes 
1/3 Cup of Cherry Tomato Sauce 
1 Tbsp Brandy Liquor 
½ Tbsp of Shallots  Julienne Cut
1 Tbsp Basil 
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Pan sear the shallots with fresh cherry tomatoes and half of the basil. 

Deglaze with brandy (pour brandy into hot pan) and add cherry tomato sauce, season to taste and cook for two minutes. 

After that, add the precooked chopped lobster. 

Add the cooked pasta and finish with basil and extra virgin olive oil.