Country music star joins campaign to stop car theft

A Texas Country music legend is now also part of a campaign to prevent car theft.

Musician Gary P. Nunn has joined forces with Dallas and other police departments across Texas for an effort called “If You Like It, Lock It.”

“In Texas, if you like it – and I love my truck – lock it,” Nunn says in a promotional video.

Car and truck thefts are on the rise. They are up 18 percent in Dallas and may top 10,000 this year.

Perhaps surprisingly, 40% of auto thefts involve unlocked cars and trucks.

“Right now in the city of Dallas, the number one stolen vehicle is the 2018 GMC newer model pickup. And when you lose those people start changing the identification numbers on them and try to resell them it’s just a really bad situation for all parties involved,” said Sgt. Bryan Roden with the Dallas Police Department.

Police in Dallas and elsewhere to report cars that they suspect are stolen or that someone may be operating a chop shop.