Texas To-Do List: Activate Games

Looking for a new way to get active and have fun? Look no further than Activate Games in Plano

This high-tech family fun gaming facility combines the digital gaming experience with physical activities.

"Activate is a high-tech family fun gaming facility," said Caleb Wu, general manager of Activate Games Plano. "We’re combining the digital gaming experience with physical activities. With today’s traditional gaming experience, you’re sitting in front of a console or a PC. This is immersing you into the actual experience. You’re doing a lot of physical activity, while at the same time, you’re playing and having a lot of fun!" 


You are given 75 minutes of playing time, and you'll have access to plenty of game combinations, including cooperative and competitive modes. 

"We have multiple micro-arenas. And within each of those micro-arenas, you will have multiple games attached to them. So, that combined with difficulty levels, you have hundreds of game combinations to actually play," said Wu.

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It is recommended to bring a third wheel if you want to get the most out of your games.

"The games require about three minimum players, and then five maximum to get into a micro-arena. We do have the capability of providing just two players coming in. You know, maybe it’s like a date night, or something like that, which we do see quite a bit," said Wu.

The games are designed for adults, but anyone ages 10 and up will have a blast. 


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While the name of the game is teamwork, you can occasionally let your competitive side shine too.

"Most of our games, in fact if not all of them, are set up with a cooperative mode. So, you are playing as a group to accomplish the goal in the room. Some of our micro-arenas do offer a competitive mode. So, if you are the competitive type, we do have the ability to provide that experience to you as well," said Wu.

You aren't required to be in top physical shape to play, but you will be after a few visits.

"We have guests who literally start stretching right before they start playing," said Wu. "We do get a lot of adults coming here and replacing their gym memberships and getting a lot of exercise, burning a lot of calories."

Activate Games is open seven days a week, but reservations are recommended, especially on weekends. 

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