Texas Rangers new City Connect uniforms celebrate the history of baseball in Texas

The Texas Rangers released their new Nike City Connect jerseys on Monday morning.

The uniforms, which will be worn by the team on Friday games this season, are supposed to celebrate the baseball heritage of Fort Worth and Dallas and how baseball brought the cities together in Arlington for the Texas Rangers.

The uniforms feature a new logo, with gothic letters forming a TX. The lettering is in reference to the Dallas Eagles, a Texas League team originally formed in 1888, as a part of the minor league circuit. The logo also has a spur on the X to honor the DFW Spurs, a Texas League team that existed from 1965–1971.

There are several other references to DFW teams of the past, including a logo on the sleeve that combines the Dallas Eagles and the Fort Worth Panthers into a mythological creature called "The Peagle" and a re-imagined DFW Spurs logo. The pants also have rope braid piping as a nod to the texture of the Spurs.

The statement "Dream the big dream" is on the jerseys, a sentiment from ex-Arlington mayor Tom Vandergriff, who helped bring the Rangers to Texas.

The uniforms also have date 4-21 in multiple locations. The date holds significance for several reasons. 

  • April 21, 1836 is Texas Independence Day
  • April 21, 1868 was the date of the first championship baseball game in Texas
  • April 21, 1972 was the first Rangers home game

The City Connect uniforms will be worn for the first time on April 21, 2023. That night the first 30,000 fans will take home the commemorative City Connect Program giveaway and the first 15,000 collect a City Connect-themed Marcus Semien Bobblehead. 

On April 22, the first 30,000 fans will take home the commemorative City Connect Program and the first 10,000 fans will receive an Arlington Stadium Replica.

Merchandise with the new look is available at the Globe Life Field, MLB.com, Nike.com, NewEra.com, and Stance.com.