Minneapolis Mayor Frey takes jab at Eagles fans in 'welcome' video

Super Bowl mania is descending upon Minneapolis. That means it's time to open arms for a warm welcome for the incoming fans - or maybe not.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey rolled out the welcome wagon in a video with Sports Illustrated. Frey pointed out the iconic Mississippi River and invited Super Bowl visitors to embrace the cold of the North.

He took a jab at Philadelphia Eagles fans by telling them not to worry Minneapolis will be greasing all the lamp posts so they feel "right at home." But that wouldn't be Frey's last word on the team that knocked the Minnesota Vikings out of the playoffs.

With a final welcoming wish, he told fans to enjoy Minneapolis and come again soon.

But in a brief "outtake" following the welcome video, Frey showed his true colors.

"Are we seriously welcoming the [expletive] Eagles fans?" said Frey looking off camera.

Nothing like a little humor to get through the playoffs pain.

Check out the full video below: