Dirk Nowitzki takes out ad in Dallas Morning News to thank fans

Dirk Nowitzki finished out his playing career for the Mavericks earlier this month, but he's still taking time out to thank his fans.

Nowitzki took out an ad in Sunday's Dallas Morning News to thank the people of Dallas and all the Mavs fans out there.

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This was his message to the people of Dallas:


Twenty-one seasons.

One team. My home.

No stat, no record, no award in this game means more to me.

We won an NBA Championship together.

From the moment I arrived in Dallas riding on this amazing roller coaster, you lifted me, supported me, pushed me to work harder.

So many memories. So many stories. They are not only mine. They are ours.

This is THANK YOU Mavs fans, from the bottom of my heart, for taking in a kid from Wurzburg and making me one of your own.

I will miss playing, but I can't wait to start the next chapter with you.

Forever and grateful, forever yours, and forever a Dallas Maverick.

-- Dirk Nowitzki