Diehard Eagles fan who ran into pole chasing after subway train doing OK

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Video captured this Philadelphia Eagles​ fan chasing after a subway train at full speed before slamming into a pole.

It's a video gone viral of an Eagles fan who probably woke up with a headache. Passengers on the Broad Street Line caught the man trying to hype the crowd up. Then, as he begins running after the train, a pole takes him down.

FOX 29 spoke with the man Monday night.

"I was a little bit sore when I woke up this morning," he said. "My shoulder and chest and arm a little bit. Didn't take it to the face, which was a blessing."

Jigar Desai, of Montgomery County, was that pumped up. He's a diehard Eagles fan who was firing up a group of fellow birds on the subway.

"I'm a mild-mannered person generally—like to have a good time—like to joke around," he said. "I think when I put on that [Brian] Dawkins jersey, I break out my inner Dawk' and it gets me amped. Just even talking about it starts getting me amped up."

So amped up he apparently never factored in the pole and slammed right into it.

"I think it speaks to the character of Philadelphia fans in general. We just want to see hits," he said.

Emmett and Jared were on the subway headed to watch the game when they ended up filming Jiger in action.

"This guy starts, like, banging on the walls," he said. "That's when I started recording. I was like, 'There's something happening here.'"

But they weren't expecting the collision. 

"The victory eases all pain," Desai said.