Dak Prescott after loss to Packers: 'I sucked tonight'

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Doocy: Jerry Jones has to think about replacing McCarthy

FOX 4's Mike Doocy says Jerry Jones has to think about replacing coach Mike McCarthy after the team's embarrassing loss to the Packers.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott didn't mince words when asked about his performance during an embarrassing playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

"I sucked tonight," Prescott told reporters.

The numbers for Prescott look better than happened on the field.

Internet reacts to Dallas Cowboys embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers

After a season of high expectations, the Dallas Cowboys suffered an embarrassing defeat on Sunday at the hands of the Green Bay Packers. The internet had strong reactions from both Cowboys fans and haters.

The Cowboys QB finished with 403 yards passing and 3 TDs, but Prescott threw two critical interceptions, including a pick six.

It was his first game at AT&T Stadium with multiple interceptions this season.

"Got it going a little bit later, but none of that mattered at that point. Fought. That's all I really know how to do, but, yeah, I mean it's about winning," the Cowboys QB said. "It's about winning in the playoffs and then getting to the last game and winning that as well. And yeah, tough."

Prescott and star hideout CeeDee Lamb struggled to get on the same page early in the game.

The Cowboys QB credited the Packers defense for disguising their looks.

"Once we got it going it was too late," Prescott said. "We got beat. There's no other which way around it. No way to sugarcoat it. Obviously, I didn't play well."

Prescott is under contract for the Cowboys for one more season.

There has been plenty of speculation about Prescott potentially inking an extension in the offseason.

Jerry Jones to fans after playoff loss: 'You deserve us not to have this ending'

Jerry Jones spoke to the media after the Dallas Cowboys' shocking loss the Green Bay Packers. Jones was asked about head coach Mike McCarthy's job status and quarterback Dak Prescott.

Prescott was an MVP candidate during the regular season, leading the league in touchdown passes with 36.

The Cowboys QB credited head coach Mike McCarthy with helping him take a step up this season.

Prescott defended McCarthy when asked about his coach's job security.

"He’s been amazing. I don’t know how there can be (questions about his job security), but understand the business. In that case, it should be about me as well…add me to that list," he said.