Cuban discusses Mavs national anthem plans, calls Trump a "Twitter troll"

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a lot less concerned about what his players do during the national anthem than how they perform on the court.

The Mavs open their season on Wednesday. When asked that the team will do during the national anthem, Cuban said he believes most people are not that interested in anthem politics.

There are plans to display a recorded video that allows players to express their personal opinions directly to fans. But, Cuban said the Mavs will continue to honor the flag before each game.

“We’re going to make a proactive move to recognize that it's an important symbol to our country. But we also recognize that what it stands for is the right for people to disagree and to stand up for your beliefs,” he said.

During the last presidential election, Cuban campaigned for Hillary Clinton. He then watched as Donald Trump won the presidency.

The Mavs owner has been critical of President Trump and says he wishes the president would take his job more seriously.

"If he wasn't the campaigner-in-chief, if he wasn't a Twitter troll, then maybe we'd look at it and say, 'Maybe he's not doing a bad job. Right? He's trying.' While I might not agree with everything he's doing," Cuban said. "If he just did his job -- I might disagree with some of his stuff -- but at least I wouldn't be worried about something he tweeted causing someone to drop a bomb."

The Mavs owner has said in the past that he would consider a run for president in 2020.

"If I was single, I'd do it. I haven't decided yet, but it's so tribal right now, and it's so mean in so many respects. Why would someone want to put their family through that," Cuban said. "In one hand, it's patriotism. I do think I could do some of the right things. I wouldn't be a traditional politician. Certainly, not  politically correct, but I think I have solutions."

Trump has shared his own criticism of Cuban online, saying he is not smart enough to run for president.