Buffalo Bills give NFL Draft tickets to North Texas fan battling cancer

This week’s NFL Draft will be a special moment for two North Texas superfans.

Jaime and Ezra Castro will be on the floor of AT&T Stadium with a close up view of the picks. The event will be one to treasure because Ezra is battling an aggressive form of cancer.

Jaime is a Cowboys fan and Ezra roots for the Buffalo Bills. They were kids in the early 90's when the teams played each other in back-to-back Super Bowls.

"We never spoke for the whole week, had separate rooms -- stay in yours and stay in mine, don't talk to me until Sunday for the Super Bowl game. Good times. We still talk about it today,” Ezra said.

Even though Ezra is a Texan at heart, he is a Buffalo superfan who was nicknamed “Pancho Billa” for his colorful gameday outfits. But his fortune changed last November when he was diagnosed with an especially aggressive type of cancer that requires chemo treatments every two weeks.

When the NFL picked 50 super fans from each team for the inner circle where the fans will be placed inside the stadium. The Bills gave Ezra all 50 of their tickets. He passed on most of the tickets to members of the Bills fan club in North Texas.

“When his time of need came the Buffalo Bills stepped up and were there for him,” said Jaime. “Awesome, really humbling.”

Ezra said he was overwhelmed by the gesture.

“You’re going to make a grown man cry,” Ezra said. “Touching. Shows some of these organizations do care about their fans.”

Ezra is all about looking ahead to a win. But it's not all about football anymore.

“It's unfortunate all this happened, because I got sick. Gladly give it all back to take away the illness,” Ezra said. “I know it's God's plan, if he put the Bills as part of my life plan, I'm gonna roll with it."