Woman wakes up to snake slithering on her arm in Tennessee hotel room

A woman staying at a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, got quite the scare when she woke up to a snake on her arm.

Melinda Major, from Nashville, said she was staying at the Hampton Inn Walnut Grove to attend an appointment in the area on Friday. She said she woke up feeling something on her arm and at first thought it might be her husband “trying to snuggle.”

But she quickly realized he wasn’t with her and when she turned to look, she saw a small green snake slithering on her arm.

“I freaking freaked out! Talk about my ninja skills coming out… I threw that sucker across the bed against the headboard and stayed on top of the desk until the manager got there to get it!” she said.

Major shared details of the terrifying encounter on her Facebook page, along with a photo of the little snake curled up on her comforter.

“I’m not scared of many things, but snakes I can’t handle! Can’t deal with them… can’t even look at pictures of them. I won’t be sleeping for a while after this!” she said in her post.

She said the staff came immediately and took the snake away. The general manager also told Fox affiliate Fox 13 Memphis that staff alerted pest control.

Despite the scare, Major said she would consider staying at the hotel again.

“They did compensate me for my room, so they took care of me. They were very nice to me,” she said.

The hotel provided a statement to Fox 13.

“The safety and security of our guests is at our upmost priority at all times at the Hampton Inn Memphis-Walnut Grove/Baptist Hospital East. Upon learning of the incident, the hotel immediately removed the snake and alerted pest control who surveyed the room further,” the statement said.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.