Woman live tweets blossoming romance on Dallas-bound flight

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A woman on a Dallas-bound flight captured what may have been the start of a modern-day romance and went viral in the process.

Rosey Blair was on an Alaskan Airlines flight from New York City back to Dallas on Tuesday when she asked a woman to switch seats with her so she could be next to her boyfriend on the flight. Before she moved seats, Blair said she told the woman that her new seat partner could be the love of her life.

Her joke may have been oddly prophetic.

Over the course of the flight, Blair tweeted away as sparks began to fly in the cabin of the aircraft.

The saga drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of people across the social network. As of Thursday afternoon, the Twitter thread had drawn just less than 840,000 likes and more than 340,000 retweets.

Blair said she even bought Wi-Fi in order to keep people informed of the blossoming romance. She received multiple messages from people reacting to the story and even gained some attention from celebrities who saw the thread.

The man, dubbed "plane-bae," was later identified as former pro soccer player Euan Holden. Even he had something to say about the saga.

His seat partner has asked not to be identified. 

For now, the couple’s potential romance remains how it started: up in the air.