Woman inside Fort Worth apartment killed after car crashes into unit

A 64-year-old Fort Worth woman was killed after an SUV suddenly plowed into her apartment as she was lying in bed.

The crash happened just after 10:15 a.m. Monday at the Reserve at Centreport apartments in the 3700 block of Post Oak Blvd.

Police say the woman’s 8-year old grandson was also inside the apartment at the time, but no one else was hurt. The traffic unit is investigating, but police say there are no charges pending against the driver.

“From what we can tell from the incident here, the victim would not have any warning,” said Fort Worth Fire Battalion Chief James McAmis.

Video from SKY4 shows a drop-off between the parking area and the apartment with the front of the SUV suspended on the edge of the pavement.

“As this vehicle was attempting to reverse into its spot, something occurred that caused this vehicle to accelerate in a reverse position, which ended up hopping over the curb,” explained Fort Worth Police Officer Brad Perez.

No one else, including the driver of the SUV, was hurt.

“The grandson was in the apartment as well but was uninjured,” McAmis said. “I've spoken to the mom. He’s not emotionally well, but physically he’s doing ok.”

Multiple witnesses told police it was a possible hit-and-run accident that caused the driver to suddenly accelerate backwards. Police are looking for surveillance video and other evidence to determine if those accounts are accurate.

So far, fire officials say one apartment unit has been damaged, but they will investigate the structural integrity of the building.

“It looks ok right now,” McAmis said. “But right now, we just have the car up against the building. And once we get it pulled out, then we’ll reassess.

Two wreckers also had to be brought in to remove the vehicle.