Witnesses cross-examined again in Price corruption trial

Defense attorneys tried to poke holes in the case against John Wiley Price at his public corruption trial on Wednesday.

Five government witnesses were cross-examined again because prosecutors originally withheld materials pertaining to their testimony.

The Dallas County Commissioner's attorneys attacked an IRS agent over her initial testimony and a former FBI agent about emails he sent just now given to the defense.

Attorney Chrysta Castaneda is observing the trial and said she hadn’t seen a situation quite like this before.

“It does matter to a jury because the jury heard that the government was withholding documents and didn’t timely turn them over to the defense,” said Castaneda. “Now in every case things are a little different when you encounter a situation like this. What the judge tries to do is fashion a remedy that cures the harm without imposing an unfair penalty on the side that caused the problem.”

Testimony ended for the week after court concluded Wednesday so the defense can go through evidence just turned over by the government.